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Fried apples January 24, 2012

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This is one of my girls favorite recipies. I like it because it has no sugar and it still tastes as yummy as apple pies. Take an apple and quarter it or if you prefer cut it down further than that. I leave the skin on. It make it easier for my 10 month old to eat. Turn your pan on about med. Toss some margerine in a give the pan a good coat. Toss those apple slices in and add some yummy cinnamon in. Use as much or as little as you like. When my little one was younger i used very little. Now that she’s older i like to add more:-) once everything is nice an golden i usually turn down the heat to about 3 or so and toss a lid or some tinfoil over top. This helps soften the apples (great for th little ones with no teeth). For grown ups it tastes the best when hot. For children it still tastes good cold. Enjoy!



Cooking the beginnings January 18, 2012

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I’ve always wanted to be the worlds best cook. When I was younger and had the time I would watch the food network. I was a much pickier eater at the time, however, what I did like I wanted to be the best at it. That was 10 year ago. Now, even though I watched these cooking show I will admit to being the best at opening a box/can/bag sort of cook. Often I would make one good home cooked meal a week/month, and this would depend on how busy or tired I was. Eating out was my forte. In my mind it was the best as there was no clean or pepairing work and often would taste fantastic.

Now I’ve just turned 30 and developed microscopic colitis. It hasn’t effected me as much as it could…well except now I can’t have any dairy. This doesn’t sound bad until you realize where dairy hides. It’s in everything. Most prepackage food, premade frezer food had is. I was shocked to learn that my Mugs root beer contains dairy:'(. Eating out is a nightmare. Most big chain restaurants have an allergy guide but mom and pop types tell you everything has dairy as they don’t want to be liable if they’re wrong.

This has led to a BIG change in my diet. Now I’m making more food at home from scratch. I’m trying to make healthier food choices and try new recipies whenever I can. Sometimes they turn out great and sometimes not. All the while i have two kidos running around my legs wanting to help/watch what I’m doing. I plan on posting my results whether good or bad with hope of some feedback to any who view this page. Let’s hope for good results and yummy food and maybe some day I’ll be as good of a cook as Jamie Oliver.


Busy Busy Busy December 31, 2009

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After having a baby, buying a new house I simply haven’t had time to scrapbook or blog as much as i like. i’m hoping to get back into it at some point in time (as I absolutly love to scrapbook)…


A little Boy to Love March 14, 2008

So just like in the little girls album I created a page to  show off a handsome little baby boy:

A Little Boy to Love

The layout is similar but there are differences.  I loved how the flowers I punched out turned out on the little girls page that I did it again on this page.  I also remembered to add the insects.

The tag I created in the lower left corner was fun to make.  It was my first a last attempt at using a aomputer and printer in my scrapbooking (it broke the next week and I just haven’t bought a new one, therefore never using it again).  I added flowers in the bottom to help the stamp stand out a bit.

For the tag at the top of the page I just wrote out the letters on some scrap paper and cut them out. I then used the template of an oval shape to cut out a tag.  To add a little extra colour I used some stamp ink. 

In the bottom center where it says Boy, I again just wrote out the word Boy on some scraps and cut it out.  Then punched out the squares.  To add texture I took sandpaper to the cardstock squares.

Want a little hint about the letter A?  Like that jewel I glued to it? It was out of some jewlery I picked up at a thrift store and popped out of the clasps. Gorgeous isn’t it!?

Close up of 3D paint

I again used the 3D paint.  It takes 24 hours to set but I still love the effect and find it worth waiting for.  It can be used in a variety of ways!


Baby Boy Arrival Page March 12, 2008

When my cousin Carrie was expecting is when I created both the Baby Boy and Baby Girl Albums.  I didn’t know what she was expecting so I created one of each.  This is the Introduction page that I created for the Baby Boy Album.  I got the basic layout idea from a magazing (When I unpack my stuff at my new house I’ll be sure to update this with that information).  But I lacked many of the stickers they had used.

Baby Boy Arrival Page

In the original they used a printer to write out the informaiton.  I get so frustrated working with word programs, sometime I just find it easier to write it or use stamps.  I’m like a lot of people and hate my own handwriting.

In the top left corner which I’ve blowen up in this photo:

Close up of Tag

Was originally a plastic sticker I didn’t own.  So I guessed the size of the tag and created my own. Although the rattle was a sticker I bought I added the punched out flowers to make it some what of my own.  I really struggle with creating a page exactly as I saw it.  I’m always trying to add stuff of my own.


It’s a Boy March 11, 2008

Nothing beats the day that Baby arrives.  Those pictures are priceless. I thought this was a cute way to display them.

It's a Boy

It’s a pretty basic page.  I never really have a plan when I start a page.  I collect a bunch a scraps that I think match and try to put them together on white page.  Because this was a gift for someone I had to leave places for her to put the pictures.  But I had picked up ribbon with a little silver bracket attatched to it that had double sided tape already adheared to it.  I had to leave it attached. Hence the ribbon show’s up white in the photo.  After she added the photo she can easily remove the double sided tape and attach it directly to the photo.

Close up of It's a boy

The realisting Baby foot prints was from some paper I picked up.  Their was two tiny little foot prints that looked similar to the feet you see on the other paper.  I decided to hightlight them by using a fine layer of Crystal Laquer (Or you could use white glue that you know dries clear. I then gently added sprinkles to it.  Becarefull when your shaking the excess off that you don’t shake too much off.

Close up of Tag on Page

Here’s a close up of the tag in the bottom left corner. It was two stickers that I liked.  I put them together on a tag I created from scraps.  The original reason I took this photo is I’m hoping to recreate the sticker sometime.


Dad and Me March 8, 2008

The last page that I created in this Album was a special page for daddy and his little girl.

Dad and Me Page 

There was a couple of different things that I like.  First in the Close up of the following Photo:
Close up 1

I’m not sure if you can tell but I used a sticker that said “It’s rather nice to hug you twice”  So I found a sticker that matched the saying.  Than created my own tag.  I tried to mimic the writing on the original sticker.  Secondly in this close up you see the embellishment that I created that says “Tiny Blessings”,  it’s actually printed on vellum.  Which we all know can be difficult to adhere.  If you use glue it’ll turn over time, and most other adhesives show through, UNLESS, you buy a special vellum adhesive.  At the time I didn’t have one so to hide my glue I used the ribbons and highlighted them with other embellishments.

Close up 2

In this close up you can see that I created the flower that says “And”.  It’s easy enough to create, and you can use all sorts of different punches to create your own flower.   In the tag that says “Me”, I used a stamp I picked up at the dollar store.  I then added the flowers to create texture and dimension to that tag itself.  I also created the tag saying Dad by using scraps.  Layering is a great way to make something stand out.  I used Eyelets on the side and used ribbon to enhance the tag even farther.